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Types of Electrical insulators - Micanite, Paxolin, Ebonite, Bakelite
Published By Gladis on 2011-10-22 250 Views

In one of the earlier articles we learned types of insulators like asbestos, porcelain, mica etc. we continue and study a few more of them here: 


Micanite. lt is a material manufactured by cementing together sheets of mica
with insulating varnish. The operation is carried out under heat and pressure. .
lt combines most of the characteristics of mica with the absence of__br,ittleness,
and is useful where a high degree of Hexibility is required. Uiililcei mica,
however, it cannot withstand very high temperature.

Paxoiin. This material comprises sheets of linen or paper cemented together
with synthetic varnish under heat and pressure. lt is light and durable, is
easily fabricated using suitable adhesives and is in common use for coil

Ebonite. Acompound of rubber and sulphur, vulcanized. lt has excellent
electrical insulating properties, but is slightly ailected by moisture and softens
with heat, Ebonite was formerly used in switchgear, instruments etc., where a
high safety factor was essential; it is being superseded by many forms of plastic
insulating materials now available-

Bakelite. A trade name, but generally applied to plastic insulating materials
derived fronvcompressed synthetic resin and various Hllers(slate dust, wood
flour, mica etc.), lts insulating properties are good, as is its mechanical strength.
It is almost unaffected by moisture and moderate temperatures. it can be moulded
into intricate forms and its applications include all forms of mouldings for
electrical components.

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